Antagonizing God's Will

Consequences of antagonizing God’s will

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Antagonizing God's Will
Antagonizing God's Will

If we can control our desires and become more discerning, obeying God will be very easy. Going against God’s will means obeying the will of the enemy. Punishment comes our way when we antagonize God’s will.
Yes no one is perfect, we only have to keep trying, relying on God’s grace as he bends to feed us.
Antagonizing God’s will makes us unfaithful to God. Antagonizing God’s will leads us into idolatry.
Idolatry worshiping something else that is not God gets God angry because God forbid it. Idolatry no matter how small or big brings us to the place where we forget about God or God’s will, consciously or unconsciously.
Deuteronomy 32:18, “ they forget their God, their mighty savior, the one who had given them life". Nature abhors vacuum, therefore when we forget about God, the enemy takes over to achieve his own purpose which is to steal, to kill and destroy. Even he who has chose to obey the enemy is not speared from his purpose.
Another consequence of antagonizing God’s will is unfaithfulness.
God is an ever faithful God and he expects us as little ones to do same.
Jeremiah 3:20 (But like an unfaithful wife, you have not been faithfully to me, I the Lord have spoken).
God understands our weaknesses, therefore He is merciful to us. He will not be angry forever.
But we are not to take the mercies of God for granted. We must rely on God’s grace and not self will. This way we will not forget God or antagonizing God’s will.
When we rely on God’s grace we choose to work with God.
Experience Life Abundance In Christ.

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