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Yes! We are created in the image and likeness of God. That means we are created like him and his image is in each of us. Yet, there is the nature of sin since the fall of man. Apostle Paul in the bible puts it this way, “The good I wish to do, I do not do but that which I wish not to do, that I do …”,
Aside from the Godly nature in us, there is another nature that needs to be subdued. We cannot grow the two at the same time, if we do so we deceive ourselves. One way to cut off this nature of sin is to grow the Godlikeness within. Growing this wonderful nature means;
I pick up my cross and follow him
Since I cannot do it alone, I invite to help and lead me daily.
I allow this wonderful nature to blossom in my life.
I do not hide this blossoms rather I allow it to shine bright, illuminating myself and everyone around me.
I allow this wonderful nature to grow so well that I experience heaven on earth.
I constantly look to Jesus Christ as my perfect example.
By him life is made beautiful for everyone to see.

Experience Life Abundance In Christ 

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