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Faithfulness is one of the attributes of God. He is the keeper of his word. He never fails.
Psalms 8615; “ But you, O Lord , are a merciful and loving God. Always patient, always kind and faithful”. God is always faithful to what he says. Most times where we don’t experience it, it is because we have not put ourselves in the position where his promise can come into manifestation in our life. It is either we added doubt to our faith or were not grateful enough or there is bitterness somewhere or there is unforgiveness. In all these things, one thing is clear, there is a barrier somewhere preventing the promise of God from coming to pass. If it is not a barrier, then it is a matter of God’s timing. Remember some prophets waited for the coming of Messiah, the promise of God was already made but the promise was filled at God’s own time.
Even when we are not faithful, God still remains faithful. Therefore, let us hold firm to what God has promised us. Let us not stager in doubt. Let us not complain. Instead in thanksgiving and gratitude, let us approach God. All we have to do is after we have prayed to God is to believe God and his son our Lord Jesus Christ whom he sent.
Hebrews 10:23; “Let us hold on firmly to the hope we profess, because we can trust God to keep his promise”.
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