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Ephesians 1: 4; “Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be His through our union with Christ so that we would be holy and without fault before Him.”
By human standard and by law we cannot be made holy. Being holy before God is something we achieve through Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus Christ that we receive the grace to be holy not by self righteousness.
By the blood of Jesus Christ we are set free and are free indeed. Our sins are forgiven. God’s grace is given to us in a great measure.
Since we have been chosen by God, we must be holy, we must hold on to God’s grace without abounding in sin.
God did not give us grace that we should continue in sin. He gave us grace because He knows that cut off from Him we can do nothing. Therefore by grace we are able to do all through Christ who strengthens us. Self righteousness amounts to nothing.
If we claim to be holy by self will then we make God a hypocrite. Christ Jesus has paid the price for our holiness. He offered up himself as a lamb without defect or flaw.
We can be holy by being obedient to God and not allowing our lives to be shaped by the desires of the flesh, keeping and remaining alert, setting hope completely on God, believing in Jesus Christ. And not being ignorant of the devices of the devil
1 peter 1: 16, “ the scripture says, “ be holy because I am holy

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