Keeper of my dream.

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keeper Of My Dream

Psalm 145:17; “the Lord is faithful to His promises, He is merciful in all His acts.”

There are times when after you have chosen to work in God’s path, you find yourself asking, how can this be? You are tempted to lose faith in what God wants to bring out.

I want you to know this, that God is the keeper of your dream. If God said it, surely he will do it. So there is no need to worry or go about it without God’s grace so that you go not into error.

God is constantly faithful to His people. He is constantly seeking out to fulfill what He said.

Even when you stray, He is merciful to bring you back to His path. He takes you by the hand and leads you all the way if you let Him.

When the enemy comes by any means to blow the situation out of proportions with the aim of sinking you into the negative - to bring about destruction, have this in mind that the Lord is your keeper, He neither slumbers nor sleep.

The enemy aims to kill, steal or destroy. No matter his antics, God turns it around for good.

Psalms 30:18; “this God His way is perfect, the word of the lord proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.”

Fight the good faith of faith and let Him crown your effort with success. Commit your ways to God.  Let Him take the lead and He will prosper you. Rely on His grace and mercy. Embrace His favour. Hold on to this; In Jesus Christ is the yes to all of god’s promises. It is through Jesus Christ we obtain the ‘yes’ of God’s promises.


Experience Life Abundance In Christ.

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