Praise and worship

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Praise and worship are what we can offer God. We are His and all we have are from Him. When we praise God we offer Him the fruits of our lips with gladness. We thank Him for the things He has done for us. We call Him sweet names and hail and revere Him
When we worship God, we acknowledge Him for the things He has done and attribute all these things (wealth, health, intelligence, wisdom etc. and everything [tangible and intangible] we have to him.)
We acknowledge that it is His grace that brought us this far. We recognize that it was Him who helped us through human hands.
One of the reasons why the enemy, - the devil steals our joy, happiness is because it wants us to be sad which produces ungratefulness, bitterness, murmuring, complaining towards God and our fellow human.
The enemy wants us to think that our joy and happiness is based on our achievements, husband, wife, children, income etc while in truth our joy comes from God. When we hold on to the fact that God is the source of our Joy, the enemy looses His holds on us.
Psalms 100: 2-3; "worships the Lord with Gladness, come before Him, singing with joy. Acknowledge that the lord is good, He made us, and we are His. We are people, the sheep of His pasture."

Experience Life Abundance In Christ.

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