Pulling Down Spiritual Wickedness


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Pulling Down Spiritual Wickedness
Pulling Down Spiritual Wickedness

2 Chronicles 33:15; “and he took away the foreign gods and the idols out of the house of the Lord and all the alters that he had built on the mount of the house of the lord and in Jerusalem, and he cast them out of the city”

Most times, we are the ones standing at the wrong side of relating with God. There are times when the enemy gains ground because we have taken the place of God and given it to foreign gods and idols. These foreign gods/idols could be our fellow human being, money, position, serving other being or spirits. As long as God is not in the right position or at the center of it all, there is something or someone serving as a foreign God. This is not pleasing to God. As long as God is not in the right position in a person’s life, the enemy takes on such a person to pull him down.
The desire of the flesh is the entrance point of the enemy. The desire of the flesh is the foundation on which the enemy builds spiritual wickedness with the aim of cutting a soul completely away from God.
After Jesus Christ died on the cross, the desire of the flesh were nailed to the cross so that we can no longer be a slave of sin.
To pull down the spiritual wickedness, we have to realize that Jesus Christ by his death and resurrection has brought us mercy and grace, therefore the desires of the flesh are done away with. We only have to focus on Jesus Christ and believe in Him.

Romans 6:6, we know that our old being has been put to death with Christ on the cross, in order that we should no longer be slaves of sin.

Experience Life Abundance In Christ.

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