Sarah's Laughter

Sarah’s laughter

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Sarah's Laughter
Sarah's Laughter

Genesis 18:12, “ so she laughed and said to herself, “ Now that I am worn out and my husband is old, will I really know such happiness”
There are times when it is very difficult to have faith in what God says because you have so much observed the situation and have come to a point where you think that you can no longer have that which God says. You feel and think that yes God said it, it is possible but forget, it is not possible.
The point still remains that what God has said will surely come to pass no matter what you think or feel.
Sarah looking at herself and her husband Abraham laughed because she thought she cannot know such happiness.
This is what God said to her in Genesis 18:14 " I am the lord, there is nothing too difficult for me come back next year at the time, I promised, and Sarah will already have a son” no matter what the situation says, look to God and hold on to His words. Believing His words, For has He said it, surely He will do it. There is no shadow of turning in Him; He is not man that He should lie.
Do not give doubt and unbelief or fear a chance, instead have the word of God in your mouth and in your spirit.
Do the right thing which is having faith in God and let nothing frighten you. For God has given you the spirit of boldness, of love and of sound mind.

Experience Life Abundance In Christ.

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