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This is a phrase that inspires courage, strength, faith, hope, love and other beautiful thoughts in me. The Lord is my shepherd, what can sorrows or pains do to me? The Lord is my shepherd, what can loneliness or hunger do to me? The Lord is my shepherd; therefore, I have The Almighty guarding and watching over me. Since the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want for surely if He provides for the sparrow he will provide for me who is created in his own image and like Him. Therefore I fear nothing because one with God is majority. I fear not because he has conquered the world and has taken all the glory. He has defeated all that stands on my way and I am thoroughly blessed by Him, because He; the Lord is my shepherd. Because the Lord is my shepherd there is nothing more I want for he is more than enough. All my needs are provided and taken care of.
Psalms 23:1; “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want”

Experience Life in Abundance in Christ

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